Everything you need for comfort and entertainment

Wire Your Home for Today’s Electronics

If your home is like most, you have multiple internet-connected devices. Perhaps you enjoy streaming a movie while relaxing at your pool, or listening to music on Pandora as you make dinner. Or maybe you’re online working from your home office. No matter your activity, you want to be sure the connection is fast, reliable and secure.

Window Treatments and Automated Shades

When choosing the design and furnishings for your home, don’t forget to dress your windows. The right window treatments can add elegance and color to your décor, while also providing a measure of privacy.

Home Automation

Do you have a half-dozen remotes lying around your family room? Does the wall have 10 different switches and knobs, each one controlling a different light or fan? It’s all so confusing!

Outdoor Lighting

Now you can turn your yard into a true extension of your home, one that you can enjoy day or night. Ultimate Sound & Vision in Miami, Florida offers sophisticated lighting instruments that are attractive and durable, able to function outdoors in the weather for years without problem. Whether you live in Florida, the Caribbean, or overseas, it’s time to take advantage of all your usable space. Go beyond that one little porch light and transform your lawn and garden into the perfect place to hang out even after dark.